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Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery is a bimonthly published online Journal, which publishes innovative research papers, reviews, mini-reviews, short communications and notes dealing with Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Instructions for Authors

The Journal publishes reviews, research articles and short communications. The scope of the journal is to publish clinical and Pharmaceutical Sciences which include organic, inorganic, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, phytochemistry and pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical microbiology and biotechnology. It is essential that authors prepare their manuscripts according to established specifications. Failure to follow them may result in papers being delayed or rejected. Therefore, contributors are strongly encouraged to read these instructions carefully before preparing a manuscript for submission. The manuscripts should be checked carefully for grammatical errors. All papers are subjected to peer review.

Types of manuscripts

Research papers should present new experimental studies in elaborate form that constitute a significant contribution to knowledge. Research Papers should not exceed 10 pages. Short communications are the one that should present new important findings in brief, a maximum of 5 pages including illustrations.

Review articles should bring up the most important current topics or present interpretative and critical accounts, but not simple compilation, on subjects of general interest. They should be around 12 pages.

Manuscripts are accepted on the understanding that the authors have obtained the necessary authority for publication. Manuscripts with multi-authors imply the consent of each of the authors. Submission of an article to JMCDD is understood to imply that it has not been either published or not being considered for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should be neatly typed, single-spaced throughout, including tables, graphs, figures.

Manuscripts submission and declaration

All submissions should be submitted via e-mail to Editor-in Chief at editorchiefjmcdd@gmail.com

Submission of any article to Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery implies that the manuscript has been neither published previously nor is under consideration for publication elsewhere in electronic or print form. The publication is approved by all authors. If accepted, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English or in any other language, including electronically without the written consent of the copyright-holder.

Title Page

A title page should be provided including the manuscript title plus the full names and affiliations of all authors involved in the preparation of the manuscript. One author should be clearly designated as the corresponding author and full contact information, including phone number and email address, provided for this person. Three to five key terms that are not in the title should also be included on the title page. The keywords will assist in cross indexing your article.


All original articles and reviews should start with an abstract of 150 or fewer words, shortening the central core of knowledge that is the focus of the paper. The recommended format is as a prepared abstract, with the following headings for an original article: context, objective, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusion. For a review article, it should be structured as follows: context, objective, methods (including data sources, study selection and data extraction), results and conclusion. It should be written in an informative style permitting its use, without revision, by abstracting services, give essential details of research findings without further reference to the text, and avoid simplification and supplementary information.

Materials and Methods

Should start on a new page and should clearly indicate the aim of the study

File preparation and types

The preferred file format is Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) with font size 10. Documents must be double-spaced, arranged in double-column template including title page, abstract, keywords, main text with experimental section, references, tables, and illustrations with margins of one inch on all sides. Tables and figures should not appear in the main text, but should be submitted as separate digital files along with captions and designated with the appropriate file type as an attachment to the above e-mail address. Manuscripts should be compiled in the following order: title page; abstract; Keywords, main text; acknowledgements; Declaration of Interest statement; references; tables with captions (on separate pages); figures; figure captions (as a list).

Experimental Work or Actual Materials and Methods

The section Materials and Methods should include concise details on the methodology adopted, sufficient to repeat the experiment. Extracts and/or fractions tested for in vitro or in vivo biological activities should be chemically defined, at least by means of the results of preliminary phytochemical screening. Complete formulation details of all crude drug mixtures and extracts should be mentioned. The plant name should be fully mentioned when cited first, and the authors are asked to add the details regarding its identification, voucher herbarium specimen number and name of the herbarium institution where it has been deposited. The statistical method and the level of significance chosen should be clearly stated.


All results presented in tabular or graphical form shall be described in this section. All Tables and figures must have a title and a legend to make them self-explanatory and they should be given numbers. Tables and figures should be typed on separate sheets.


Should contain a critical review of the results of the study with the support of relevant literature. It can end with brief conclusions.

Acknowledgements and Declaration of Interest sections

Acknowledgement and Declaration of interest sections are different, and each has a specific purpose. The Acknowledgement section details special thanks, personal assistance, and dedications. Contributions from individuals who do not qualify for authorship should also be acknowledged here. Declarations of interest, however, refer to statements of financial support and/or statements of potential conflict of interest. Within this section also belongs disclosure of scientific writing assistance (use of an agency or agency/ freelance writer), grant support and numbers, and statements of employment, if applicable. Please note: for NIH/Wellcome-funded papers, the grant number(s) must be included in the Declaration of Interest statement.
Any acknowledgement authors wish to make should be included in a separate headed section at the end of the manuscript preceding any appendices, and before the references section. Please do not incorporate acknowledgement into notes or biographical notes.


Number literature references and notes in one consecutive series by order of mention in the text. Numbers in the text are non-parenthesized superscripts. The accuracy of the references is the responsibility of the authors. List all authors; do not use et al.


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