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Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery is a bimonthly published online Journal, which publishes innovative research papers, reviews, mini-reviews, short communications and notes dealing with Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Editorial Board

Chief Editor for the special ACTRA Issue
Dr. S. B. Pakhare
Chief Editor

Associate editors for the special ACTRA Issue
Dr. J. V. Bharad
Editor (chemical Sciences)
Dr. Sayyed Sultan
Editor (chemical Sciences)
Dr. Gulam Rabbani
Editor (Physical Sciences)
Dr. Vidya Pradhan
Editor (Life Sciences)
Mrs. Mamta Saraf
Editor (Life Sciences)

Organization committee for special ACTRA Issue
Dr. Aniruddh Bansode
Dr. Sayyed Hussain
Dr. S.R. Mirgane
Dr. D. D. Kaynde
Dr. D. L. Lingampalle
Dr. Basheer A. Dar
Dr. P.D. Netankar
Dr. Balaji Madje
Dr. Ruhi Siddiqui
Dr. Balaji Roopnar
Dr. Jaishree Chamargore
Dr. Dinesh Wadatkar
Dr. P. P. Ghumare
Dr. Mumtaz Baig
Dr. Shobha Bohrade
Dr. Santosh Mokale
Dr. Rahul Waghmare
Dr. Sk. Abdul Rahim
Mr. V. Naiknaware
Mrs. Jayshree Gawai
Dr. Mohd. Asif